focusing on the surface

The things we talk about are so varied and often things I have to mull over until the full weight of them actually sinks into the softer parts of my brain.

You said some good things this time or at least they didn’t all make me mad at having to hear them. Therapists shouldn’t really speak until spoken to, you know. You took it well when I said today that I was leaving you to look for someone else. If only it was always this easy and uncomplicated. You asked if it’s because I’d prefer a woman and that was the only time I felt remotely upset. No sir, I said in full condecension. I’d prefer someone who is soothing and relaxing and non-confrontational. But what does that mean anyway, I thought uneasily.

So, I am on the look-out for new representation. ha! And, a pen name if you must know the things I am searching for this week.

The rest of my truths are staying buried. I am focusing on the surface for now.

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