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Did you know I am already a writer? Not really but it seems the name is taken.

In my searching online for ideas to help a friend by designing a website, I ended up playing around and doing google searches for people I know. I looked up myself too.

Under my name you will find a(n):

  • romance and mystery author, writer of Cravens Bride, four other titles and married
  • young girl with a somewhat intense fixation on none other than Prince William.
  • section leader for a chorister group who hosted a pool party and BBQ fundraiser (children’s Choir group I had to look it up myself) and in subsequent newsletter’s as a budding poet
  • Canadian serving Parliament as Government Relations Director for the Salvation Army with a hyphenated name of -Buchholz…French Canadian I suspect
  • grandchild of Bob, class of 1940
  • web designer who goes by the nickname dee
  • local Counter Fraud expert (what the hell is this I wonder?)
  • fourth grader interested in the lifespan of whales
  • vice president of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority in Iowa
  • award winning Arabian Stallion Breeder
  • non qualifier for the Boston Marathon
  • deaf Bowler in Australia taking forth in the 2001 deaf games and Sign Launguage expert for the AAD
  • junior in the Beal Maryland High School Marching Band
  • blood Battle spokesperson at LSU
  • lawyer/journalist for the ChristianCurrent magazine in Canada interested and I quote “social justice”.
  • character in a book, Midnight Fires

apparently my name is popular in Iowa and Canada

And, then there are actually a few of the real me including a listing in the Leadership Library, a who’s who in the Leadership of the United States …who knew?

I’ve never looked up my own name before and am actually taken aback at the number of people online who share my name. I guess I shouldn’t be. Maybe I am even a bit egocentric to have thought otherwise. Interestingly enough, there’s a story in every one of these. I think I am most disappointed that my name is already being used by another author. It in some way stifles the secret dream I have of being published one day.

But there weren’t any real cowgirls so at least that dream is safe.

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