prank calls

And now the dogs are barking.

It’s in the distance but I am scared just the same. I’ve double locked the doors, done my best with the windows and checked in all the closets.

I called my phone company and said I am having harassing phone calls and she said call the police, file a report, call the harrassment hot line. What the hell is that? Not reassuring. Now I am wide awake. The first time I’ve been asleep before midnight in I can’t remember when only to be awakened this late for dirty talk. I hang up only to be called seven more times in the course of ten minutes. This is scary behavior. Strangers do not talk to strangers in this manner and it be safe. And, I am alone in this house tonight.

So, I have blocked private calls from ‘chris’

I had forgotten what it feels like to be scared like this and fuck anyone for making me feel this way. And fuck you for waking me up for your bullshit antics.

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