the subconscious and other discoveries

I won’t go into specifics of the dream but suffice it to say that I might be watching too much TV. When samatha from sex and the city, red, kitty and hyde from that 70’s show and a few familiars are walking around together in your subconscious then there might be a problem.

With all the hype/drama about The Passion of THE Christ, there has been a wealth of little trivial tidbits passed around. In an article I was interested to find one that hits close to home. It turns out the even though we celebrate Easter and Passover as the time to honor Christ for his sacrifice, that the date believed to be the actual crucifixion is believed to be March 25. My own birthday.

I was more intrigued by the story of one of the thieves who died on a cross next to Jesus. The man is now a saint, Saint Dismas and is also known as the good thief. March 25 is also the date celebrated of the Feast of Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel(?) came to tell Mary that she was to be the vessel to carry the child of God. If I am correct about my interpretation of all this I mean.

So I am off the search for other relevant events associated with the date. Ides of March maybe?

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