i am on a spending frenzy

In honor of a very special event (writing my very first song), I have gone and purchased myself a very expensive new guitar. Let us not forget to give thanks in part to the soon to be IRS refund and yet another tossed aside attempt to pay off yet another credit card bill as well.

It’s pretty and bright and I am emotionally albeit financially committed.

In effort to distract me from the over pressing headache and the drama of it all, I pulled a poem and put it to music. I should thank jack for the past encouragement. That’s the one I picked to start with. The one you said had its own lyrical quality. It’s probably as crappy as my skills but, it’s mine and I have the calluses to prove it my friends.

Creating something, however bad, is its own spiritual experience…in the making of a thing that wasn’t a thing at all before you touched it. That’s hope man…or hopeful. I am never sure. Will it be the noun or the adverbjective? Who cares today? I choose to think of it as the baby steps of rejuvenation. Your voice gives me that somehow too. But not in the way you might think.

Sing a song everyday, keep your voices high and gay…

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