politics again

WASHINGTON – CIA Director George Tenet acknowledged Friday his agency wrongly allowed President Bush to tell the American people that Iraq was seeking nuclear material from Africa when analysts had doubts about the quality of the intelligence.

The press release bonanza has begun. Just in time for the election race. I can’t believe the CIA is willing to take the blame for this. I wonder what Mr. Bush has promised them in exchange for becoming the “scapegoat”. I understand there will be a demonstration here on Thursday when Bush comes to Dallas for a fundraiser. Something has to be done. I should be more specific lest some secret service agent come knocking on my door. So, I plan to volunteer but I wait to see who the democratic candidate will be. If I don’t like the candidate, then I’ll settle for encouraging Democratic voters to get out there if only to defeat the republicans.

I think about the percentage of voter for Nader and if Gore really would have had a clear victory without having lost those votes. I am sure it has been discussed and analyzed over and over again but it is really on my mind in light of the next election and the lack of a clear democratic front runner who will be able to compete. All we need is another Goldwater or Mondale.

I am done with my political diatribe today.

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