the new place

Well, feat accompli’. I am all moved and tucked away unless you count the garage (but I won’t today). I am satisfied at looking around and seeing everything put away. I feel good here so that’s good. I left dishes in the sink last night and I don’t even care. It’s a bit weird being in a city again but then there is the convenience of it all. I guess that’s why city people like the city.

Not much else to report. I can open the back door and just let Bailey go outside. That’s nice. I’m sure he was getting equally tired of me watching him do his business too. David bought a 53 inch TV screen the other day. That and the 700 plus channels is like being at the movies anytime I want. Movie freak that I am, you won’t hear me complaining. I really think it’s going to be ok being here. I just keep reminding myself that I am better off financially and have new work opportunities.

and working on the book. It hasn’t left me much time to write here. However, I have taken a lot of stories from my journal here and managed to place them in the story. I have more than 100 pages now though I have no idea how that translates. I mean how many words does a novel typically have? What does one hundred, eight and a half by eleven pages, equal out to in publishing terms? The more I write on it the more I think I might want to do something with it. Ha! Today I’ll pretend to be a writer and say things like “maybe I should write screen plays and use my dialogue style”. Then again, maybe it’s not just pretend.

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