I spent most of the weekend doing nothing. Time away from people…time for more introspection. Bailey and I spent much of the time in the river. It was good for us both but I might be a bit sick of myself now.

Susan has been in England for too long and I am starting to have withdrawl. I haven’t done much going out to any other music shows. Well Sunday I went out to Gruene to see Shelley for a bit and I did make the trip Monday afternoon to see Terri at Kerrville. I can’t wait to be there all this weekend. I am looking forward to being outside although the weather was better for it this last weekend. I like the music and real wind blowing it to me.

In other news…I have started preparations for the move. Sometimes it seems strange to say I am moving back to Dallas and sometimes it seems like the most natural thing. The truck is rented. I am taking the motorcycle next week and catching a ride back to Austin with a friend coming to vist her parents. The rest will fall in line. Maybe I’ll do a daily update. I haven’t been writing enough lately. I haven’t written anything but inappropriate emails.
the complexities arise when I think I know what it is saying.

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