I’m bored…but I have about 100 things to do for work that I have been avoiding for weeks now. I have to get focused but I just can’t. I have to blame spring. Even today with the nice cold front, Spring is too much for me. Thank god there are no urgent tasks for work that have to be done.

I walked the front half of the property last night and was rewarded with a twisted ankle a short 100 ft from the back door. What the hell! I am falling apart piece by piece. I mean really. It’s not like I am old. Thirty-three is barely scratching the surface. I shudder to think what I will feel like once I am pushing fifty. Of course, I enjoyed the walk before then. The rock and hills, short grass with trees, all landscape I adore. Tonight I have the sliding door open to the crisp, cool night air.

I am happy here.

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