So SHE called yesterday to invite me to her birthday party later this month. SHE put out some effort to find me though I have made it easy in the past when SHE wasn’t paying attention. I am glad SHE thought of me. I feel special enough that SHE even called personally. Will I take a date? I wish Jared where in town. It’d be fun to show up with THE BOY. A real twist in perspective for those more close minded sort.

In a sadder turn of events, M and A are moving. I am surprised by this news though they have talked about it for some time. They will be moving so far away. There is a sadness that I can’t quite absolve. I know I don’t see them as often as I’d like but thousands of miles away is hard. I don’t want them to go. I know that. I am very lonely today…for I lack purpose. I woke up early this morning without knowing where I was. It was still dark enough that the digital lights on the clock illuminated the room. I was lost and temporarily confused. It is not as though things looked unfamiliar only I was in the wrong place. I turned to find a pillow and then there was familiarity. I fell back to sleep easily enough. I need something more familiar.

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