let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

So I’ve come to Cleveland for rain. The snow is holding up in the west just to tease me. You want me to beg. Is that it? Well, forget about it. I’ve better things to do. Ask me tomorrow.

As for mom and me,it’s all raw and fresh and open which is new. Last night she crawled into the sofa bed I where I sleep only I was reading then. She snuggled up close, affectionatly and I let myself hold her. She stayed only minutes but I appreciate her effort – her attempt to have some closeness with her daughter. Things are different and I feel it. I know it. I have no anger to hold onto now. There is nothing left burning that hole in me. The familiar ache just behind my heart taking up so much space in my chest is there but it doesn’t have the same meaning anymore. Let’s just hope it wasn’t the thing that made me alive.

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ATTENTION Job Seekers! Fire Tender Wanted. Passion and angst are seeking entity to push buttons, strike match and feed flames of emotion. Previous experience preferrerd but not required.

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