Teeth and Dream analysis

I hate the dentist and have avoided them as much as I dare. After a few years, I return to find it seems I grind my teeth when I sleep. So much so that I have cracked a tooth and now require a crown. Now I dream about grinding my teeth so hard that they break but never really though that I was doing it. This made me examine my journal for these events. I wonder what piece of my dreams are real and not real. I dream I grind my teeth and I do.

I have another reoccurring dream…I should say theme -Tornados. I am always evading the tragedy…looking for a safe haven and having it rush past only to step out and watch it continue on. I only had one where it hurt people and it happened that I was directing a camp when one rushed over the lodge killing all the children and counselors inside. I hadn’t made the connection until today that it was only a month later that I stopped actually directing camps and youth programs to take this job I have now.

Can my subconscious really know more than I do? Is it driving me directions I’m not fully aware of on my surface? Then I read usefuljack’s journal entry. I began to wonder more about fate versus free will and the power of our own design.

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