my weekend

The game was playing on the radio. Reminded me of an old friend. I wish they were all closer. Once in a while I want to be able to call my closest friends and say ‘hey let’s go catch a movie’ or ‘how about dinner tonight’. It is the same wish I have occasionally for my family too. Another common theme appears in my life.

My weekend…

Friday, the straight republican girls called me to meet them at Patrice. I was surprised by the call but went and was glad for it. I had a fine time. Oh how they can drink.

Saturday took me to Livingston to see the conference center. The conference is coming sooner than I am ready. Most days I am plotting in my mind how the conference will look, rehearsing the details. It is scary when it falls all on my shoulders. Something always gets missed. I don’t know why. It’s not for a lack of planning, or work or even intelligence for I am in possession of these qualities at least to some degree. It’s almost like there has to be a snafu in order for it to be something I made. No accomplishment without a degree of failure.

Saturday evening I had the pleasure of seeing suSANG perform at a house concert. This has to be the greatest way to see people perform. She even brandished a banjo during a few songs. What a treat. I find it harder to engage people in this setting though.

Sunday I had all for myself.

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