It is now drawing down to the last few hours. I will soon be completely gone.

There’s a bit of sadness at leaving a place I really love for one I am not so sure of. Tonight will be last one I sleep here in the 20 acre woods as I have come to refer to this home. It’s been my favorite of my life this far. My mom asked me why I would leave a place I was so obviously connected to and that brings me such peace. My only response was that I think that it is me that is more at peace and it is reflected in the pleasure of my surroundings here. I hope that is true.

I have been so busy packing and working that I haven’t been able to write anything. Last week I was also able to take a short road trip. Now there’s a place where I really feel at peace. Me, my car and an open road crossing one small town after another. It’s completely cliché but who gives a fuck. I dig it the most man.

I’m still sorting out the single life. It was good to be able to go on the road trip and not have to ask permission. I hated that. I am becoming a regular fixture at a local bar. Last week I was rewarded with a lesson and a vision of my own thinking which was previously hidden to me. Maybe now I will quite behaving like I am some kind of savior of others and focus on me for a while. MB says I am too observant. Always noticing obscure details about people. I don’t know what I think about that other than I must lack it in regard to myself – some level of self awareness and how I fit with other people around me.

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