Moving on

It’s only been a few weeks but I today feel as though it were a lifetime ago. I find myself wondering what she is doing and if she has started “seeing” the other woman. As much as one can see a married woman.

Last night, I made my first few baby steps. I bought a woman a drink. Turned out that she was younger than I thought and currently employed by the Republican party. She was darn cute though. She and her friend seemed very nice. MB had them laughing easily. It was only after that I wondered if she was actually a lesbian. I never thought to ask. If she wasn’t she was very open about it especially for a Baylor grad. MB has been very supportive. She keeps me thinking.

I also gave away a poem last night. I was a nervous wreck in giving it to the person it was written about. She was nice and patient as I fumbled through an enormously awkward… akward (how the hell is that spelled?)…anyway in hindsight, the situation was comical. If I was an observer I would have easily been inclined to slap myself in the head and say move on you idiot. It’s not like she is an untouchable rock star…and I definitely don’t include myself in the great masses who “like” her. I just like her music and one evening found myself touched by an emotion response she was having on the stage. Maybe it was the act of sharing a poem as it is very intimate to me. I have a tough time sharing them here even but I’ll post it today.

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