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let sleeping dog lie

it”s a strong metaphor and I am not sure what I want to say about it. It starts here. The dogs and hayseed all napping silently together on the couch. I am tired too and want to nap but I am working.

Of course as I wrote the subject with cnn in the background and with recent events burned into my consciousness. I can’t help but think about McCain. let sleeping dogs lie. there’s something I want to say but I need to work out what that is…



Wolly’s in surgery today. Having scar tissue removed from her ear so there will be no more hematoma, fluids can drain and to make sure her ear doesn’t become necrotic. That’s a weird word…It makes me nervous and it’s THE VET, the one where I can’t even go into the treatment room because of what I left there the last time.

I am sure she is fine…I am sure she is fine.

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