Act Three

I was watching a movie and the character was talking about the Act V of a character's life in a shakespeare play and it started me think about what act I was in in life. Maybe the beginning of act three; the third album; the third installment in the series. The one after the sophomore slump that …

paul newman

Paul Newman died last night. What I know of his life is that it was one worth emulating...married to his wife for 50 years, he gave hundreds of millions of dollars to charity, he started multiple camps and he was just so cool. I think about living a good life and what that takes. I …

anne bancroft

Mrs. Robison has passed away. Anne Bancroft 1931-2005 I have always thought she was incredibly brave and interesting in the parts she played. Let us not forget the sense of humor she must have had married to Mel Brooks. I will miss her lovely voice.

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