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holy sh*t change

In a surprise move by my boss yesterday, my position was eliminated and I was laid off. When the shock wears off I might have more to say. Right now, I am just reminding myself to breathe. in. out. in. out.

no free lunch

It’s my LAST DAY with the ACA. On Monday, I start my new job with Dallas AfterSchool Network! My emotions are all over the place but the benefit of working a home is there is nobody here to see it. Of course that also means there is nobody to take me out for a free lunch 😦

It’s somewhat anti-climactic after 12 years of service to one organization.

Leading Change

I keep coming back to a handout that I was given at a meeting for work. I found a website with more detail, The 8 Step Process for Leading Change. This combined with Heifetz Leadership in a Crisis from Harvard Business Review inspires me with ideas for relationship management and social change especially for work in the areas of Membership Recruitment and Fund Development.

I just need time to really build some foundation and structure around this process and my ideas.

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