graduate school

A few months ago, I decided to go to graduate school. I am going to work toward a degree in Library Science. Since I am close to both TWU and UNT, I had excellent options. I sought some advise and after checking out both, I settled on TWU. They were pretty comparable. (So closely matched that if one of the school’s colors had been blue, I might have had a different choice). The entire program is online. I am thrilled at the prospect of controlling my own learning. It also means I can work full time without issue. When I am fortunate enough to find work.

The application process has been relatively easy. I am incredibly thankful for the wonderful recommendation letters from my past supervisors and colleagues.

Now, I am down to the last piece of the application, the GRE. I take it on Saturday. I have been studying this month. I mistakenly thought the math sections were going to be easier for me than the verbal sections. WRONG. I feel like I need to apologize to my high school math teacher. Sorry Ms. G. Twenty-five years and no practical applications for of all that math has meant unexpected cramming.

For now, I am ready to be done with the application and getting accepted.

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