Baby on Board

Well, there have been a rash of fires in the area lately. On Saturday, driving on 635, we passed what looked to be an entire complex burning. Smoked engulfed the area north of the highway and poured thick clouds over the the roadway. It was dramatic enough to contemplate gawking but in the end we didn’t stop. Later I learned that an entire community had burned to the ground.

I’ve been purging stuff lately. My own fire sale so to speak. However, the news about all the families who have lost their entire history, their environment, and so much of their lives in the flames got me thinking even more about what things I hold most precious. My dogs and our human lives are the only really important things but I still have a collection of stuff that I have wrapped my identity around…art work, antiques, pictures, albums, journals, letters, my favorite t-shirt from the 1980’s and much, much more. I have been cataloging much of this into the computer through photo’s and by scanning materials. Storing these on hard drives and then rotating the drives to the safety deposit box for extra precaution.

So, I was remembering those yellow faux traffic signs with the slogan, “Baby on Board”. I thought I might like one of those in the window of my house that says “Save the Hard Drives” with a big arrow pointing the way. I know, it’s shallow, but a life is a life because of what we cherish. Maybe it’s just my only way to ensure I have a history.

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