Google … again

On some level, I find myself curious what types of people share my same name. Of course when Google first became a sensation, a viral activity to “google” your own name sprouted. Being the “wannabe” tech geek, I tried it and found fascinating results.

Now, with Google Alerts, I get these updates delivered to me by email as they happen. More often than not, it picks up my blog posts from the work blog or other small items but occasionally it picks up something more meaty in substance. Then, I am equally fascinated with the results especially when someone with my same name has an interest that dove tails my own.

Like this recent one:

Or these other, not me but out there just the same
Fellow web geek:
Avid Amazon user:
I am going out on a limb and say yep. (i wonder if this is the web geek?):

LinkedIN has a few: but one one Dani so far.

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