Act Three

I was watching a movie and the character was talking about the Act V of a character’s life in a shakespeare play and it started me think about what act I was in in life. Maybe the beginning of act three; the third album; the third installment in the series. The one after the sophomore slump that was my second act. One which I freely admit I simply coasted on the success of the first. Maybe I am still coasting.

Act three (in a five act play) is the middle, the hardest part to write because it is where the characters emotional journey comes to climax. It is the conflict that defines the character. It is the change over for the character. 

If I were in a comedy, then this would be when all the weird and bad things would start to take a more positive shape. If I were in a drama, then this would be when good would have become bad. In each, as a character, I would be defined by my reactions. Unfortunately, I come up a bit short on conflict. I do not really see an antagonist in my life. Is it my weight, my work, my personal relationships, my complacency? Maybe I am still in the end of act two then. Maybe I am rushing myself because I think of these acts evenly distributed on the time line of my life line. I am nearing forty so it should be act three right?

Is is crazy to want an antagonist? Is this why so many others seek drama. Is it that is pushes them to act? If I where writing my life, I would be introducing the conflict and making this character do something.

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