The birds

It seems my strange distaste of birds has finally found justification. There is a bird flu striking tens of thousands in Asia. This strain has never been seen in our culture which means we have no antibodies to fight it should it make it’s way here in the good old USA. If you listen to the mainstream news outlets.

The government has projections in the event this occurs that predit more than 200,000 would die before a vaccine could be created and distributed. I was listening to Air America today. The news report was reporting on the growth in the number of exotic diseases which is attributed to the rise in people bringing in more exotic animals.

Of course I made my own assumptions and am also thinking some terrible epidemic is inevitable in my lifetime. Did anyone else read The Stand? It’s the only Steven King book I’ve ever read. Plausible? Absolutely. 

Of course there could be another reason we are hearing about bird flu suddenly. What if some buddy of Dick Cheney’s invested millions in a pharmaceutical company that produces a vaccine for bird flu? It’s not too far out there when you consider Haliburton and the rest. What if old Dick is on the board of said company. Now my mind’s really spinning.

I am becoming a bona-fide conspiracy theorist.

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