what did love teach you?

There nothing especially brave or exceptional about not saying those words nor is there anything especially passionate about saying them either. The truth is in the action. And the things that are real are only proven over time.

I guess I can offically call this christmas season to a close. Realtively uneventful and much more calm (read easy) than last year or the last few years. Some traditions rise up and some fall each year. My mom and I spoke briefly. She seemed happy and also concerned about my brother. Happy to have spoken to him, concerned by his life. I sensed that there was something strained in her…the merry was missing. Love is a strange animal. I learned little about it from her though. Ah, see some traditions never change.

What did love teach you?

Love taught me how to laugh
& how to cry
Love taught me how to tell the truth
& how to lie
Love taught me how to fall
& how to fly
And love taught me you can’t ever ask why.

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