friday five

1) Here are the major films coming out nationwide this weekend: First Daughter, The Forgotten, and The Last Shot. Which are you most likely to see, and why?
I think none of these but if I had to choose I’d do First Daughter because of my infatuation with Katie Holmes. She and Joshua Jackson were the only things keeping me into Dawson’s Creek all those years. The Last Shot has a shot as well.

2) What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?
The Day After Tomorrow at the dollar theater

3) Okay, your eyes weren’t watering because you accidentally rubbed popcorn salt in them, admit it already! Last movie that made you cry in the theater?
The Terminal..I haven’t seen many movies at the theater lately

4) What was the year’s most underrated film?
for 2004 – In America

5) Overrated?
Passion of the Christ – it would take too much time to really get ino it.

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