the waters

As the sun fades into the unknown,
I am sitting on the bank in this meditative hour.
The last remaining light lays soft on the waters of the Bitterroot River.
Soon – the moon will cast her glow on them.

This is a rare moment that I have carefully suspended.
Because as sure as I am of life, I am sure it will not last.
No more than any other – future or past.

But I am not sad, only reminded that in everything there is change.

I throw my skipping stone across the surface.
I watch the circles grow and get lost.
The reflections of the edges perfect and soft.

The movement of the river speaks right to my spirit.
To the child, the warrior, the caretaker and the savage.
Just like mother nature, with one come all

Now I sit on the edge of this something familiar and renew my vow.
To search. To seek.
To wade the currents of life through my hands and under my feet.

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