today you are the only one who can read this

There’s a picture of you and me. I just got it this week. Though, it was taken before… we were smiling, you and me.

you and me

We all have a destiny, I thought mine was to be with you. What I can’t figure is where to categorize it now, past, present, future. Whatever it is, I can’t take my eyes off the picture just yet, you know? It should be time. We’ve now been a part longer than we were ever together. Sometimes I think, I could drop down on my knees and pray but I’d not know what I would pray for today. Maybe I’ll just turn out the lights, close my eyes and not think of anything but the feel of cool soft sheets and pillows that surround me on every side.

I remember your soft steps on the hardwood floors those nights when you came in at four in the morning. You would drive all night just to be with me. It remains one the greatest things anyone has ever done just to be with me. And, just last week I found something that is proof you were here for a time. I try to move forward but it’s just that I am still not quite mended.

Good night doesn’t mean goodbye. Good night from my cool sheets and from our long talks on the phone. Tomorrow I am coming home if only for a day or two.

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