the way love speaks to me

There’s a girl behind the counter
at the local drugstore in a job she wants to despise.
but at least there’s love to keep her warm at night.

And another someone else,
at a bookstore, desperate to get lost in the stacks.
The educator’s lessons took any emotion she had left.

The computer geek has everything
she thought she’d ever need
but for her, there’s always something missing.

Somewhere else, there’s a woman
holding fast to a love that waiting to leave.
She believes she has to but she doesn’t really know what it needs.

There’s also another who tries to serve others
but has lost her will to believe
I will tell you that this one is me.

But it doesn’t matter what love looks like.
It’s all the same when love’s lost or put back together
pieces of broken hearts last forever.

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