in the silent pause

It’s in the silent pause between “thanks for meeting me” and “I’ll see you soon.” All the words are tied up in blue ribbon. I could let them hang until they unwind like the telephone cord or I could just give them up in the twisted bunch to let someone else untangle the mess I made of it.

I’m sorry that I kept you waiting. She pauses to brush the lint from her pants leg, ‘Been waiting long?
Not more than I was willing to wait. He says easily.
Do you know how long that is?
Do you know how long you would wait?
No, but I try not to think such things.
She reaches out to touch his arm. I know. I think such things. I’d wait for you and I believe you’d wait for me.
I never felt such things. He looks away from her direct gaze.
She grins with awareness. She’s gained some control. But you are still here.
He takes some control back. Yes, that’s true. But it doesn’t mean anything.
No, of course not.
You know, I don’t know if you see what you think you see. He pushes some more.
She responds. The tension is obvious to the both of them. Maybe not, I see what I feel. And I will tell you for certain that’s everything I really need right now.
He softens. He understands his cruelty again. I wish it was that simple. I am sitting here wondering why my way is not clear. If you weren’t sitting here across from me, I would just disappear.
She says with resignation, And that is the saddest sight me eyes see.

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