I remember it for other more selfish reasons.

In my memory, it is because of this day that we are together. I was watching it all unfold, hour after agonizing hour and there was a real change in me. It is the first time in my life when I remember feeling like I should, no needed, to live without hesitation. I have always been afraid of death but I finally recognized how short life is and how each moment counts. Even though I still forget that from time to time in everyday life, I still know it deep inside because of that one awful morning.

In the few weeks before seeing you, I thought of everything. I looked at all of my life. Then you were there in my thoughts. I knew I had to tell you and I wouldn’t fear the outcome. So, as we sat in the airport just a few weeks after. I was still afraid but I was going forward. As I boarded the plane, leaving you to wait for your flight, I stopped and turned to ask you if I could write to you. You said yes and I did. I told you how I felt and you said yes, you did. And that’s how it all began.

Now, you are gone, living a new life with a new someone but I still have the memory of how I came to love you. I never know if I should feel guilty that my memory of this day is more personal. I remember none the less.

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