Making sense of it all

There is nothing wrong with the way I feel.
I’ve been going out too much.
My stories are getting harder to tell.
I need that something that can not be found in a person and I need it so much I am hurting for it.
I learned something about myself that don’t like.
People do not see me the way I want them to see me. I no longer know who I am or who I want to be anyway.
I ask myself who is the first person you think of when you need to talk, need a friend, want to share something good with? Right now, my mind goes blank.
No one is really listening to me. Now that I feel this way I wonder if anyone ever has.
Maybe there is something wrong with the way that I feel and just maybe, I am wrong about all of it.

But then again, there is nothing wrong with the way I feel and frankly, there are some good things I have to focus on…
Music keeps me moving emotionally.
The thing I like most about dancing is the freedom to move and holding another person close.
“That’s why I picked a slow one cause they last a little longer.”
My dog is always sleeping under my feet everywhere I go.

Oh and note to you though you’ll never see this…I see you differently now. Maybe it’s the way you always wanted me to see you. I let you down when I didn’t.

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