The apathetic democrats response to a state of the union

Recently, I find myself watching carefully the state of affairs in my country. I watch in part to find the flaw. I watch mostly so I can honestly say I know about the things I believe and that’s an important distinction.

So, at the end of my eight hour drive to Stillwater, OK today, I tuned into the AM station and listened to the president – not my president but president just the same. I wasn’t terribly put off nor did I find fault in what he said. Of course, I believe this mostly because he didn’t say much that I found moving, inventive or even hopeful.

He did make me think and he said some things simply enough that it made sense. For the record, I appreciate the tax cut but I know it will not stimulate the economy. I think it is a valid point that money (dividends) should not be taxed twice. What I do not agree with is that this point be sold as a tax cut to benefit everyone in the american public. Let’s be honest and call it what it is…a flaw that should be fixed but unfortunately will only truly benefit the wealthiest 10%.

He made me really want to read and understand the entire “Faith Based Initiative.” Does anyone really know what this includes? I listened to a caller after the speech blast the media and democrats for ignoring issues of God. I have several issues with these points and the initiative. What day was it that everything became open to being politicized – Sex, religion, love, abortion. As a woman, and a person who believes in the separation of church and state…as a person of many communities, I find all these items offensive.

I heard his mention of the environment and what he has said he wants to financially commit to find alternatives namely hydrogen energy which is efficient and clean burning. He had better watch out now because I’ll find a way to be the one making sure he does what he says.

I also heard him speak to initiatives to encourage every american to give service. Again, I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure he lives up to this promise of committing money to mentoring and other areas of service.

Can anyone explain what the hell he was talking about when he was talking about AIDS and Africa. What and why is this a focus now? I don’t understand health care or social security issues nearly enough to comment. Like the “Faith Based Initiative”, I need more information.

That leaves me with the issue of war. I can’t find anything intellectually that makes me feel we are in any more immediate threat than we were 10 years ago. So why now has it become so important today? I still feel this is more about economic control than anything else. The economy will continue to struggle as long as war is imminent. Anyone who studies economics knows this.

I want to suggest my own ideas. Stimulate the economy by encouraging research and innovation. Stop pouring money into tired industries and those who already possess the wealth. Promote service to the country, improve social services through education. A better educated workforce is key. I have a hundred more ideas and not enough gumption to do more.

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