walking home

MJ didn’t know what she was saying. She had long since past reason and was now on a collision course with so much anger it was making her head throb.
Are you insane?
Of course I am insane. You fucking drive me insane.
Just get back in the car.
Go to hell.
Fine! Holly rolled up the window, locked the door and slammed the car into gear. You can walk home. Ten miles. Get out in the worst neighborhood in town. Stupid. Crazy woman. What the hell. Shit! Shit! Shit! She struck the steering wheel with such force that her hand began to shake uncontrollably.
At the next light she turned around. She made a second u-turn and found herself driving slowly next to the woman walking. MJ hadn’t made it very far. She stopped and MJ walked around, opened the door and stepped up into the car. Holly started driving before the other woman could change her mind.
They drove in silence for a while.
The road turned from city lights to country road before Holly spoke. She had been saying over and over to herself, don’t speak. Make her talk. She wants to act like that. Don’t buy into the theatrics. Let her stew in her own anger. But soon, the need to know what made MJ so mad won. What were you thinking?
I was thinking I wanted to be as far away from you as I can get.
Maybe I should have let you walk on home then. Holly only thought this. She had enough sense to know that to say it would be the very worst thing to do. What is making you so damn angry? You asked me what I thought and now you’re saying I took a cheap shot.
Of course, it’s my fault. It’s always my fault. I’m wrong and you’re right.
I’m not saying that. You should know by now that I am not going to lie, or tell you something just because you want to hear it.
Well, maybe sometimes you could consider softening your responses. I’m not weak. I am not stupid.
I never said anything like that. I just said you are driven by your insecurities and you don’t always make the best choices when that happens.
Right and that has a totally different meaning doesn’t it?
Well, MJ, I certainly don’t think you’re stupid and I have never said so. But that’s all you seem to hear. Doesn’t really matter what I really say does it?
Once again, I’m wrong and you’re right.
Alright fine. Holly drove the rest of the way without saying a word.

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