Free association

The room is hot and the emotion is filling every corner of the room.
I won’t.
Why not?
For gods sake. Why should have to explain each and every detail to you?
Because I ask?
What do you ask? You ask for knowledge? Noooo. You ask to learn more about me? Nooooo. Not that either. You ask only to relieve yourself. You are the most selfish person I have ever known. When she is done speaking she slams the closet door. The effect is dead silence. It causes the other woman to step back.
She doesn’t speak. She is listening. Waiting. Rather than look at her she pulls at the hem on her t-shirt with her right hand.
Nothing to say?
Why should I when you are being so mean?
Truth hurts dear. She practically spits out the words.
Oh now you’re just being an ass. I’m not selfish. I am only asking you to tell me where you are going.
Why should I?
Because I asked and it would be the polite thing to do.
Oh, I think we are well beyond polite. Don’t you.
Well, I think you are.
Fuck you.
This is useful. Why are you so angry?
You know why.
Do I?
If you don’t then it only proves how very selfish you really are.
Oh come on. She looks up and faces the angry woman. You are being way dramatic now. Or maybe defensive? She points her gaze more directly. She braces herself for an eruption.
Instead the angry woman softens. Her shoulders drop some and she turns her back. Maybe, but I’m still not going to answer you. With that she brushes past her, grabs the keys on the kitchen table. She turns back briefly as if to speak but instead walks out the door.

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