day by day

The walls are bare and the shelves are empty. There is nothing left of the home it used to be. Now her things look tiny and insignificant. Sitting in the bedroom, she hears the last trace of her old lover as the door closes. Can she breath a sigh of relief? What will her world consist of now? A tear falls lightly on the bedspread.

She has dug herself a hole so deep she might as well go on to China. A faint smile appears at the first thought of the freedom she has to do just that. It is followed by a quick flash of fear at the same idea. Moments like this make her feel alive and raw.

She goes out to sit on the front porch to soak up the rest of the afternoon sun while she searches her mind. Will she know when she has found her own way? There is a soft drumming that echos in her head. Something hums softly in her ears. The changes that are coming over her are yet to distant to see. For now, remembering where she came from is her best friend.

She knows what she will do tomorrow and one day at a time from this one forward. The end of a day is the end and each sunrise is the promise of a new beginning. Maybe she walk on down to the creek and watch the sun go down or take a drive through the rolling hills of her home town. She is free to ride the breeze and blow anywhere the wind will drive her.

Later, she will worry about what her heart will find out there in the world. She is lucky enough to still believe it is meant to be. How could she ask for more?

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