motorcycle moonlight

Night time is my favorite time to be on my motorcycle. Everything smells cleaner and the air is different. It is cool tonight … like Spring which is unusual for August in Texas. There are no stars above only the deep blue marble shroud. As I top the highway bridge, the air warms and gets thick like I am swimming. I follow the road lines without thinking. Familiar lands marks rise and fall in each passing stripe on the road. There is the airport. The runway lights are beside me. I accelerate and imagine I am about to take off. That same air cools suddenly at the bottom of a hill that crosses over the river. Soon enough I am outside the city limit. Back on the country road I love that takes me to the house in the 20 acre woods I call home. I am rewarded as the clouds part into a halo and then drift away altogether. Stars are now laid out in front of me. The only thing that reminds me of the clouds is a quick flash of lighting back in the city I just left. Rain will fall on someone else tonight.

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