South Dakota – Day 5

Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse GALLERY Time: 9:30 AM Mileage: I woke early, made myself an excellent breakfast and prepared for the day. Another great day with the top down. We, you and I as taxpayers, have really invested some serious tax dollars in the Shrine of Democracy. The complex for the Rushmore …

South Dakota – Day 4

I am in Hill City for breakfast. Today, I head to Devil's Tower, Deadwood, Sturgis and will take a scenic route. I will head west from here to CR 318 that should take me through old mining towns like Castleton and Mystic. GALLERY Time: 9:00 AM Mileage: 13695 This proved to be the best …

South Dakota – Day 3

GALLERY Time: All Day Mileage No Change The weather and my road weariness dictated this day. I slept late, relaxed in the cabin and eventually ventured out to the restaurant for lunch. The wind was blustery most of the day. The rain didn't subside until early evening.

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