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Everett’s 2nd Birthday

My Godson Everett’s Second Birthday Party at the Fort Worth Zoo.

I can’t believe how grown up he already looks and check out his beautiful smile.

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Little Ev's Birthday – twitter test.

Here’s a blog to test if it will feed into my twitter account which will then feed to facebook automatically. Follow?

I’ll at least write something of interest.

My godson Everett turned one last week.His parents with their family and friends got together to have a celebration at the park on Saturday. It rained so there was no ride on the train as planned but the pavilion kept everyone dry…for the most part. I did manage to get a couple of the kiddos out into the rain just so I could show them they wouldn’t melt. In first birthday tradition, he took a swim in the cake.

The kid raked in the swag. I’d have birthday parties if they’d work that way for me. Books, clothes, toys. I don’t know where they are going to put it all once they get home. He was a good sport and opened every present. Most of the paper made it into mouth at some point. Fiber right.

I made him a poster so he can be a superstar whenever he wants.

There was the coolest little girl at the party. two maybe three years old, tough as nails, nerves of steel. I watched a ballon pop without warning in her hands and she didn’t even flinch. She just handed her mom the pieces and went for the next one. The jack in the box barely registered. I was tempted to try to swing her 360 full around the pole on the swing-set just to get a reaction out of her but parents tend to get a little weird about things like that. She finally lost her cool when her dad didn’t do something she wanted and I was relieved somewhat to know she wasn’t a robot. I wanna be like her when I grow up. Cool and calm.

Later in the day when the crowd thinned a fox visited us. He wasn’t really scared of us either. I snapped a few pics when he came close.

Ev looked exhausted by the time all was packed up so I image he had a great day. Wonder what they have planned to bday#2?

a letter to my godson

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Hey little E! Today is Absolutely Incredible Kid Day, a special day for kids everywhere. It reminds us to recognize incredible kids like you. Not that anyone needs reminding how cool you are and how lucky your moms and all your family are to have such a great little guy.

As you approach your first birthday, I feel enormous excitement for you. You have such amazing moms who love you so much. You are going to grow into an extraordinary young man because of their love and support. And, I can not wait to share with you wonderful, beautiful things, and help you explore and experience this great big world in my own way.

So E, never forget that there are people who adore you just for being you. Thanks for coming into my life. You are a true treasure.


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