if you build it, they will come

I read a story this morning about James Dyson, the vacuum guy, donating $8,000,000 to a university for the construction of a building for product innovation. It was a reminder that the world will not be sustained by software and that real engineering of hardware is profitable. He is quoted in the article saying, "The …

notes on debates

notes for me on the debates Domestic Policy October 3, 2012 - Debate Transcript Interactive replay of the presidential debate, using fact checks and graphics to take a closer look at President Obama and Mitt Romney’s assertions and attacks. Reference: The New York Times. "The First Presidential Debate". Accessed October 4, 2012. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/10/04/us/politics/20120804-denver-presidential-debate-obama-romney.html

silly things that irk me

I know it's silly but it really bugs me when my library sends me a notice that the book I put on hold is available but the notice comes on a day that the library is closed.

forces driving the social sector

I caught this article by Ben Hecht, 5 Transformational Forces That Should Be Driving The Social Sector But Aren’t,  in Co.Exist by Fast Company.  On a side note, I am inspired by their formats, Co.Exist, Co.Design, and Co.Create. I recommend checking them out. In this article, I think the "(But Aren't)"  is out of touch with what is actually happening …