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on marriage and prop 8

From the Dallas Observer blog a commentor offer this:

“I’m one of those libertarian whackjobs who think the government should get out of marriage. Marriage is a religious institution. Anything else is special form of legal partnership/civil union. The government should offer a standard legal partnership/civil union contract. Anything that does not fit that contract would have to be drawn up on their own (preferably with a good family law attorney).”

I am not a libertarian whackjob but it sums up my opinion perfectly. Other than that, I am pretty sick of the issue and more importantly how it is used almost exclusively as a political wedge. I’d much rather legislators concern themselves with the economy in light of the 32% loss my retirement account has suffered in the last 5 months.

oh, and, Separation of church and state is an illusion.

On Torture

I’ve been staying out of this discussion because I am not sure how to articulate my personal feelings and it’s just not an area I feel confident that I have all the facts. However, I thought this point was too right on not to it share. I stole it entirely from Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish on Why Is Torture Worse Than Warfare, Ctd.

Christopher Orr makes an important point:

…when a group of combatants are badly outnumbered, or surrounded, or otherwise very, very unlikely to win a conflict, they have a considerable incentive to surrender–but only if they believe they will subsequently be treated with mercy. That is why individuals, and nations, surrender. If, by contrast, a group of combatants believes that, by surrendering, they are only making themselves vulnerable to further harm–specifically torture and/or death–they have no incentive at all to stop fighting.

Though I still don’t think there is any way to prosecute those responsible without further tearing apart this country. Add to that my feeling that the list has to be too damn long to even fathom to true cost of the impact of prosecution especially in time, money and humanity.

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