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Still have some additions to Susan, Tret and a new gallery for Darrell Scott coming soon…


It’s easy to become complacent in the things that you are passionate about. Luckily, it is also still possible to be reminded of that passion. I had the chance to see Darrell Scott last night at Uncle Calvin’s Coffee House. I was beginning to forget the things about music that inspire me and make me feel happy. His show reminded me … his voice called to mind Willis Allen Ramsey.

I was thinking what an interesting pair they would make, a story teller and a master of the mixed metaphor. I’d like to hear what would be produced.

mr tambourine man

I’ve decided to spend the rest of my week anytime I am at my desk listening to the entire Bob Dylan catalog available to me online. His stuff that get covered is great. Then, I also hear these fantastic obscure songs either in soundtracks or covered live that also belong to him. I always wonder why I don’t have any of his stuff. He’s not the only one. I should make a list and just do it with everyone I’ve ever wondered that same thing about.

A few songs in and I really understand the comparison’s that Adam Carroll gets to Dylan…more than Townes.


I read the forums on this website, Galleywinter. I like all the great inside details you can find like Cory Morrow’s newest cd was produced by Keith Gattis. Of course, it’s like one big party all the time but those folks love Texas & Red Dirt music and that’s always cool.

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