back in the sway

It could have been a date. All the right elements were present for it. You endured a couple of hours sorting through old smelling records even when I only picked out one in the end. You smiled softly and said you’d be happily to do it again. We sat in the movie theater watching 3D sharks and sea snakes. All followed by dinner in front of a fire place and some wine. You took my questions well. I’m getting better at throwing them out. They come easy and without effort. I don’t even have to try and this talent keeps me from having to talk about myself. It’s impressive and mostly you didn’t even know what hit you. But you know, your secrets are safe with me.

I even thought to kiss you but more out of habit or loneliness than desire. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you that my heart is still full and silently whispering another’s name. I’ll tell you sometime when it doesn’t hurt to say it out loud.

Fledgling Romances.

Oh pretty robyn sing your sweet song into my mouth.
Flutter nervously in the space next to my ear.
You’ve at least ruffled feathers flattened by a broken hearted tear.

Oh pretty robyn make your nest on that branch.
I’ll watch you from time to time so make it close to the ground.
‘Cause one day I might climb to it if you’re still around.

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